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News release: NEC Display Solutions partners with Sky Inside UK

Innovative product developments for therapy and well-being

London, 9th July 2018NEC Display Solutions today announces a collaboration with Sky lnside UK, a specialist innovator of visual light boxes and video systems, to initiate development of moving image solutions to support patient recovery and well-being. Based on medical research carried out by sister company Circadian Rhythm Worldwide and with proven success in the treatment of neurological conditions, customer-led demand is driving further innovative product developments.

The Intensive Therapy Unit (lTU) at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool is the first to install Sky lnside’s ‘sky view’ system enabling patients to visualise the outside world during therapy. Dynamic images of the sky moving from day to night helps to improve patient sleep patterns which positively reduces the incidence of delirium, a condition which intensive care patients are at high risk of and which can bring about lasting damage.

Based on specially configured NEC display technology, ultra-high definition moving images are streamed in a seamless loop to present scenes of nature in glorious detail and true to life colour rendition. Uniquely, NEC displays are highly adaptable and warrantied for operation at any angle including face-down making them perfectly suited to creating ceiling apertures and lantern effect installations.

“We feel our partnership with NEC results in a powerful synergy,” says Allan Sinclair, owner and director of Sky lnside UK Ltd. “Our mutual dedication to innovation and professional integrity has led to an exciting collaboration which has far-reaching opportunities for the future.”

Healthcare, including dentistry, is a major market for Sky lnside’s innovative solutions with applications for soothing anxiety and reducing perceived waiting times alongside genuine medical treatment. The company has recently installed a digital aquarium in a children’s hospice effecting a calming mood in the sensory playroom which is greatly appreciated by patients, visitors and staff.

Therapy and well-being are not limited to the healthcare sector however with installations already taking place in corporate and leisure environments. Hotel rooms and meeting spaces, or anywhere where there is no natural light or the space feels confined, benefit from digital windows, even digital fireplaces and aquariums with a 3D effect. Motivation and productivity increase through the effect of harmony and well-being which can be positively influenced by scenes of nature. ln public spaces and areas of high footfall, NEC’s Protection Glass
provides the vital component in guarding against damage.

With specialist expertise leading technological developments and customer demand pushing the pace, NEC and Sky lnside are poised to announce innovative new solutions in the near future.