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New screening and disinfection systems

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Monday 20 April

Our screening and air cleaning systems combat the spread of viruses, helping with the demands for COVID-19. Part of the new Sky Health series.

Automated AI temperature screening

Screening system for detecting unusual body temperatures, ensuring a safer working environment in relation to viruses. 

  • Uses advanced thermal near-infrared sensors
  • With AI-enhanced facial recognition technology
  • Offers protection to staff and customers from potentially deadly infections
  • Useful for hospitals, dentists and other healthcare
  • Also suitable for retail environments, such as supermarkets.
Example of woman's temperature being scanned by screening equipment

UV circulating filters lighting

Air-circulating LED panel with nanomaterial for fighting harmful bacteria, where UVC lighting continuously works to disinfect rooms and spaces.

  • Provides clean air coverage for 10m3
  • Reduces airborne particles
  • Eliminates indoor TVOC concentration
  • No harmful direct UV lights or chemicals
  • Suitable for healthcare, food and commercial environments.
Grey air cleaning disinfection box
Air cleaning system with LED lights, nanomaterials and filters

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