Brighter skies for Royal Surrey’s gynaecology

Image of a room with large digital ceiling panel showing green leaves and blue skies, with a graphic in front of a transparent white box and text saying 'Brighter skies for Royal Surrey's gynaecology'

Tuesday 24 November 2020

We’re delighted to have been the preferred choice for a new sky ceiling in the gynaecology unit at Royal Surrey County Hosptial.

The light panel, featuring peaceful blue skies and green trees, will make visits to the department easier for patients.

Staff have commented on how the installation is also making a big difference to their working days – many rooms don’t have windows, so it’s easy for staff to go for several hours without seeing real daylight. This solution, along with its relaxing benefits, gives them a connection to the world outside.

See more about what they had to say of their experience in the video below.

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