A happy place to go – Anna’s story

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A happy place to go – Anna’s story

18 May 2021

Back in late 2020, we started speaking with Julie from Hertfordshire. Her adult daughter, Anna, is disabled and has been housebound for nine years.

After they moved the bedroom furniture around for various reasons, Anna found that all of the light coming from the window would reach her on her right side. This gave her some problems with her eyes. They wanted to balance the light as much as possible and give Anna something pleasant to look at.

At this point, winter was fast approaching. They were shielding due to the pandemic and were eager to find a way to bring a little open space into Anna’s life.

Anna and Julie loved the idea of a Feature Window showing a peaceful, sunny beach scene. We offered a Feature Window to be designed, manufactured and delivered free of charge – the whole team were delighted to be able to help.

Artificial window showing beach scene in bedroom above table and chest of drawers

In the words of Julie: “At last, we have been able to unpack the beautiful picture and see it lit up. Thank you so much for letting us have it. Anna is absolutely delighted. We had a few delays for various reasons but have now been able to see it properly.

“Can’t tell you how much my daughter is enjoying her living sky! It is beautiful and really gives her a feeling of space. When you can’t get away on holiday and are stuck in the same room for years such things are really important. Thank you so much for your generosity and your time.”

We thank Julie and Anna for their kind comments and wish them both the best.