Robert Jones and Agnes Trust

Robert Jones and Agnes Trust digital sky ceiling

About the project

Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt is an orthopaedic hospital based in Shropshire, specialising in spinal injuries and other treatments. Sky Inside was approached by Kate Betts, a Physiology Rehabilitation Technician, who enquired about the installation of 2 led sky ceilings, alongside 1 standard system, for their main ward and side rooms. The enquiry included a site survey and product pricing to take forward to the Friends of RJAH charity for funding purposes.

Challenges and objectives

From the site survey and discussions with the team at RJAH, Sky Inside were able to provide a fixed price quotation for the installation of the 2 circadian living skies ceilings, and 1 standard system, with separate input capabilities.

The suspended ceiling posed a challenge because it required Sky Inside to fit a recessed living sky unit whilst maintaining its interlocking integrity. With the assistance of the estates specialist ceiling contractor, Sky Inside were able to have the opening formed and the units installed in position ready for the final wiring and power connections. In addition, the location of the digital players and the touch screens were in a separate, secure location, which subjected the area to some crowding on occasion. Patients also had to be moved whilst the work was being carried out and a whole team effort ( Sky Inside UK, Estates and the Ward team) reduced any impact on the wards daily procedures

The installation was completed within the allotted timescale and without affecting the overall structure of the area. Sky Inside were also commissioned to instruct the staff in the operation of the units.


Sky Inside achieved complete installation in 1 and a half days with instruction and hand over on the afternoon of the second day. The project was also completed with minimum disruption, noise, dust or upset to the ward routine.

Stake holders

This project was achieved with close communication with the ward staff, subcontractors, and estates department. The Friends of the RHAJ also raised the funds necessary for the project.

Special thanks to the ward team, estates department and specialist ceiling and fire stopping companies who all shared the same desire to complete on time and without disruption to the ward.

Tight interlocking ceiling tiles that had to be altered by specialist contractors.

These units were to be fitted into the existing interlocked ceiling tiles with power and hole formation with fire stopping by the estates department sub contractors.

Special thanks to the ward team, estates, specialist contractors and especially to the Charity Director Victoria Sugden who gave her whole support to this project.