RUH Bath Radiology Department Anaesthesia Room

RUH Bath Radiology digital window

About the project

Royal United Hospitals Bath provides a wide range of services, including medicine and surgery, services for women and children, accident and emergency services, and diagnostic and clinical support services. Sky Inside were awarded a living windows project for their radiology department.

RUH requested an ultra large living window for the benefit of patients who are due to have sedation prior to receiving MRI or CT scans. The project was funded via the hospital charity and the estates team, who worked closely with Sky Inside to get the system up and running.

Challenges and objectives

Operational requirements made it necessary for the system to be fitted over a weekend, without disrupting the department patient lists and appointments.

Working with the estate’s electrician and the project manager, Sky Inside was given access to the department, but with limited time constraints.

The need for specialist vehicles to be as close to the department as possible required the cooperation with a private parking company. It also required liaison with the trust to ensure Sky Inside were given free and clear close parking in a restricted area.


By continuous communication and a clearly defined project scope, and all those involved being made aware of the various parts that they had to play, the project was completed on time and in budget.

Sky Inside would like to extend their thanks to the project manager and estates electrician, and the installation team who made the project a success.

Stake holders

This project was achieved with the help and support of the trust charities, administration team, estates department, project manager and most importantly, the Radiology department, who had a clear vision for improving the treatment experience for their patients.