About Sky Inside UK

Tailored to your needs

At Sky Inside UK Ltd® our ambition is to deliver you an exceptional experience – from before inception, all the way through to installation, and beyond.

Our products, including Digital Sky Ceilings and Digital Windows, come with a bespoke service. We promise to bring a creative and personalised approach to each client and brief. Our company motto is always ‘yes’ – especially when a client requests something out of the ordinary.

About us

We’re a small company, but have been the preferred supplier of biophilic products for over ten years. We’re based in Bristol and serve clients across the UK and overseas.

Covering all departments in healthcare, dental, leisure and residential, we provide standard and customised solutions for a range of businesses. Installation is simple and efficient, where we aim to provide the least disruptive service possible. We are the only approved suppliers of circadian lighting products for the NHS that are manufactured in the UK.

Leading the way in healthcare technology

We’re the UK’s leading biophilic lighting company focused on the innovative design and development of products that meet the changing world of healthcare. Our drive is to improve not only patient wellbeing but also provide dignity and, where possible, help patients recover quicker with less medical intervention.

Advancing research with some of the world’s leading academic universities and neuroscience departments, we have developed systems that are rolling out across various hospital trusts in the UK. Promoting better outcomes for patients across a wide spectrum of conditions, these systems have been exponentially recognised as providing true health benefits for patients, visitors and staff alike.

Later this year white papers will be released into how our products help patient recovery from the effects of delirium and brain trauma, as well as the significant improvements for patients in long-term care.

Products include our flagship Living Skies, culminating in the development of the only proven Circadian Rhythm® programming that can be adjusted per patient to reset the body’s natural rhythms. The combination of our innovative designs and unique programme customisations are world-leading in their ability to meet multi-department requirements. Read more about how our products work.


As lovers of nature, we’re mindful of how our work impacts the environment. Where possible we aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can. Some of the ways we work sustainably include:

  • Local production
  • Eco-friendly shipping
  • Digital solutions to minimise waste
  • Low-power systems
  • Tree planting, beebomb scattering and continuously looking for different ways to offset carbon emissions.

Partner companies

We work with other companies to drive innovative results and bring huge benefits to the NHS. Find out more.

Please do not try to replicate our products at home using your own TV. These are specially built commercial grade monitors to meet health and safety requirements. Your home TV will not withstand the pressure of being in a face down position and could lead to a catastrophic failure.