Commercial and Leisure

What we offer

Businesses across the UK have benefited from our products as they drastically improve rooms that don’t have much light. Whatever your business space is – from a dark office to a windowless hotel room – we can transform it.

Our range of artificial ceiling and window panels provide an outside effect, and bring natural-feeling light to any dull room.

With our industry-leading products in place, a new energy can be found in your environment. See our range of products.

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Two window panels with a lighthouse reflection in the water

How this helps

This light and energy will renew a tired room, turning it into a place that both employees and clients can thrive in.

Research has shown that in well day-lit offices, workers sleep better at night. This results in better performance, alertness and accuracy.

Along with an imitated natural light, our windows bring huge health benefits, such as reduced stress. Your commercial space will not only be a welcoming environment, but a productive and enjoyable one as well. Read information on how our products work.

We work with trusted architects to transform your space into something special. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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