Living Ceilings™

What are Living Ceilings?

On a sunny day, look up and watch the clouds gently dance above you. Imagine if you could recreate this calming scenery in your own home, a dull hospital ward or a gloomy office – whatever the weather.

Our Living Ceilings are virtual skylights that do just that. They reimagine the skies above us, while vastly improving the atmosphere in dark and lifeless spaces.

By using varying sizes of risers and high-quality imagery, we create the realistic appearance of a window in the ceiling. These artificial sky ceilings can bring many benefits, from lifting dark rooms to helping you relax.


Our ceilings feature stunning images with incredible detail. They are created with biophilic design in mind to help your mental and physical wellbeing.

Choose from intricate imagery that ranges from cloud scenes with hot air balloons to starry night skies. Or, as our products are fully customisable, we can help you create bespoke designs that transform your space into somewhere truly unique.

Our ceilings come as Feature Ceilings (static scenes) or Living Skies (moving screens). See our image gallery for examples.

Square 1 panel window, with blue skies and blossoms
Square 4 panel window, with blue skies and hot air balloons
Square 16 panel window, with blue sky and green leaves

Ceiling cinematics

Our Living Skies combine the scenes of nature – image, motion and sound – to interior spaces, providing an ultra-high-definition cinematic experience.

These are LED LCD screens that reach the colour temperature of daylight. To have minimal impact on the environment, we’ve designed our systems so that they use the lowest power but produce maximum brightness.

The luminous sky ceilings display real-time, moving images that look just like the world outside. The circadian rhythm programming we use emulates the full day’s cycle – from dawn to dusk. This is especially beneficial for patients in long-term care who have no access to natural light. Read more about how our products help patient wellbeing.

Structure and specification

Our dynamic sky ceilings give a stunning illusion of architectural skylights. They can sit within or onto existing suspended ceiling gridwork. This creates an attractive natural sky effect ceiling that transforms enclosed interiors into more relaxing environments.

  • Large image panels up to 1.2 x 1.2 m
  • 9cm deep with a riser
  • Integrated dimmable LED lighting
  • Unique and customised digital images
  • Simple installation
  • Capable of our Circadian Rhythm™ lighting control system.
Suspended sky ceiling gridwork, looks like a real skylight

Screens are embedded in casements, using varying sizes of risers to give the appearance of a window in the ceiling. They come in a range of different sizes and can be placed next to each other to create large, immersive visual experiences.

Single and twin view
Sky ceiling tiles can sit alone or be placed side by side. They are perfect for any sized room.

Twin and quad lantern
The quad ceiling is a large ceiling feature, where two or four panels can be placed next to each other.


Our customised service can meet your desired theme requirements. Mood lighting can also be added to create a full-room experience. Working alongside trusted architects, we provide bespoke solutions for clients across all departments in healthcare, commercial, leisure and residential.

Next steps

Take a look at our portfolio or image gallery, or find out more about how an LED sky ceiling could benefit you by contacting us today.