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Living Windows™

Sky Inside® Living Windows recreate real views of the natural world outside. Our systems use different sizes of risers to give the appearance of a window within the wall. These display high-quality, real-time, moving images.

Our luminous virtual windows can bring light and life into any dark room – including windowless rooms and basements – with bright and idyllic scenery such as vast lakes and snowy forests. We can also add in mood lighting to create a full room experience. Our LED products use the lowest power but produce the maximum brightness.

Living Walls™

Living Walls are digital cinemas and virtual windows that bring the scenes of nature – image, motion and sound – to interior environments.

This high-tech solution features a commercial-grade LED LCD screen that can be mounted to the wall and embedded in a full-size casement window.

Combined with our unique programming, we can recreate a full day’s cycle. This can be particularly beneficial for patients in long-term care.

Backlit faux window

Bay windows

LED window panels
Fake window light

Our triple bay windows create panoramic outlooks with near 3D resolution. You can look out to a sunrise, sunset or whatever else you would like to see.

Finished in a frame of your choice, these 55″, 65″ and 85″ ultra HD systems come with bespoke framing and design. The systems will transform your interior space into somewhere unique where you can relax and connect with your favourite places.

Video gallery

Living Windows can be placed next to each other to give a real-time, moving image. Your interior space can also be transformed with our wall or surface mounted digital aquariums.

View our window gallery to discover our collection of imagery for LED windows.

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