Sky Inside UK

Interactive flooring

What are interactive floors?

Bring playtime to the simplest of places!

Sky Inside UK’s interactive flooring creates captivating sensory experiences where children of all ages can have fun.

Interactive floors are responsive installations that project attractive moving designs onto floors, walls or other surfaces. Triggered by small body movements, the designs react playfully with the user.

What are the benefits?

Interactive floors totally immerse the user in entertaining games and scenes. They offer a welcome distraction and can be enjoyed for long periods of time.

Ideal for many different environments, you can have a system at home or in healthcare, educational and commercial spaces. They’re particularly popular in paediatric and children’s centres.

Interactive floors can be enjoyed by a wide variety of consumers, including those with autism or certain physiotherapy issues.

Most of all, our interactive flooring offers a fun and exciting play time.


The gallery below shows the different designs available. We also offer a customisable service.

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