Mood Lighting

What is Mood Lighting?

Mood Lighting products are ambient and circadian lighting systems. They bring spaces alive with colour to create healing environments.

Filling the room with different colours – deep and mellow shades of blue, pink, green, purple and more – Mood Lighting systems enhance interior spaces. They can be added with other Sky Inside products to create a full-room experience.

Nighttime scene in LED sky ceiling

Where for?

These innovative solutions are suitable for many healthcare and other settings where the viewer or patient needs to relax. They’re ideal for linacs, CT, MRI, dementia care, contemplation and relaxation spaces and sensory rooms. Systems can be set to a calming colour of the patient’s choice, making the experience an easier one.

Foliage sky ceiling panel for healthcare
Green foliage sky ceiling panel

Watch the video below to see how Mood Lighting has been added to the PET/CT scanner room at GenesisCare Oxford, and how it makes a difference to the patient experience.

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