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Screening and disinfection systems

Air Circulating Germicidal Lamp

Disinfect air through UVC lighting.

The Air Circulating Germicidal Lamp is a powerful infection control system that kills pathogens.  A space-saving solution to coronavirus COVID-19, it cleans air and lights a room simultaneously.

Sterilisation occurs within a casing that prevents tissue damage from UV light. Air is filtered before and after UVC, providing the cleanest circulation possible. Suitable for a range of environments, including hospitals, offices, restaurants and hair and beauty salons.

  • Cleans air
  • Saves space
  • Active, antibacterial and antiviral
  • Reduces harmful airborne particles
  • Eliminates indoor TVOC concentration
  • No harmful direct UV light or chemicals
  • Can be used continuously around people and animals.

The system comes complete with the ability to turn off the light and still run the UVC lighting and fan. Get in touch to find out more.

Two versions of the lighting system that cleans air, with remote control
Airborne viruses going through a filter and are killed by UVC light
Yellow hospital room with doctor and patient in bed

Automated AI Temperature Screening

Screening system for detecting unusual body temperatures, ensuring a safer working environment in relation to viruses. 

  • Combats spread of viruses, helping with demands for COVID-19
  • Uses advanced thermal near-infrared sensors
  • With AI-enhanced facial recognition technology
  • Offers protection to staff and customers from potentially deadly infections
  • Useful for hospitals, dentists and other healthcare
  • Also suitable for retail environments, such as supermarkets.
Example of woman's temperature being scanned by screening equipment

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