How EDs can be less scary, even during COVID-19

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Monday 14 September 2020

Visiting a hospital can be an intimidating experience – for patients both young and old.

It can feel even more difficult in an emergency department (ED). Especially when the patient may be scared, in pain or unsure of what’s going to happen. There’s usually lots going on in these busy departments, with plenty of unknown noises and panic adding to the stress.

During the current pandemic, patients may have to attend hospital alone. This can be especially scary. If it’s hard for other patients in the ED to stick to social distancing measures, the enclosed space can feel even more stressful.

A welcoming environment makes all the difference

Everyone is different, and there is a whole range of anxieties patients and visitors may face. Anything that can be done to make take some of the pressure off is a bonus.

By ensuring EDs are inviting and friendly environments, visitors can feel a little more at ease. Staff also find it easier to relax while working.

Visual distractions with added health benefits

Interiors can be transformed by placing distracting designs on walls and ceilings. Our visual and interactive systems go a step further. They add a new depth to the healthcare setting by allowing people inside connect to natural scenes of the world outside. These systems present lifelike, therapeutic scenes that encourage the mind and body to relax.

We help enhance healthcare interiors and provide a better experience for visitors to EDs. Over the last few months, we’ve also been working hard to ensure our medically-validated products safely meet the requirements for COVID-19 cleaning measures.

We’ve installed a range of systems at different hospitals across the UK. Feature ceilings can be found in specific EDs including:

  • Birmingham Heartlands Hospital – Paediatric Assessment Unit
  • Royal Free Hosptial, London – A&E assessment bays
  • Airedale General Hospital – A&E adult and children’s waiting areas.
Hospital room with fake windows featuring blue skies and hot air balloons

Sky ceilings

Static and moving ceilings offer a welcome distraction for patients. Instead of watching the clock, those waiting to be seen can turn their gaze upwards and be mesmerised by hot air balloons floating across the sky, or colourful trees swaying in the breeze.

The specific lighting we use encourages the release of the hormone melatonin into the bloodstream, which helps the viewer feel more relaxed. Read more about our sky ceilings and the health benefits they bring.

Interactive floors

Our interactive products make spaces that may be uncomfortable feel more like playtime. Perfect for waiting areas, children and adults can engage in sensory games that bring the room alive with motion and colour. What’s more, interactive floors can be sufficiently cleaned to suit COVID-19 measures. Take a look at the different interactive designs and games available.

Find out more about how our products work, and how they make a difference in healthcare environments.