Providing solutions for


Our products display gentle therapeutic imagery, which can drastically improve patient health and wellbeing.


We elevate dark and windowless rooms with a new aesthetic, helping you to find serenity in your home.


From hotels to offices, we help make the client and employee experience more relaxed and productive.

At Sky Inside UK…

we create bespoke digital solutions to transform your interior experience.

From sky ceilings panels with nighttime galaxy views to wall-mounted digital oriental aquariums, our Living Skies™ can greatly enhance dark and dull rooms.

NHS-trusted and medically validated, we’ve been supplying gold-standard circadian products for the past 10 years.

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Calm seascape for virtual LED window panels to bring the sky inside

Gold standard

Our clients want to invest in technology that is as future-proofed as possible – this is where we deliver. Living Skies are part of our gold-standard products.

Sunny blue skies and clouds beach scene for LED window lights to bring the sky inside

Medically validated

We are the only approved suppliers of Circadian lighting products for the NHS, manufactured in the UK.

View for fake backlit window - lighthouse and beach to bring the sky inside

Working sustainably

As lovers of nature, we’re mindful of how our work impacts the environment. Where possible we aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can.

Living Sky Ceilings™

Floating hot air balloons, cloud scenes, foliage and kites – all Sky Inside LED sky ceilings feature high-quality, real-time moving images. Using the lowest power but producing the maximum brightness, you can connect to the wonderful world of nature in UHD. Circadian Rhythm® designed.

Living Windows™

Likewise, our range of artificial windows display real-time, moving images. The digital images can be the specific setting and season you desire. Therefore you can enjoy a range of scenery, from beach sunsets to snowy forests. With Bio Dynamic Systems® and Bio Dynamic Lighting®.