New bunker has Living Skies for cancer treatment

Blog banner with background image of a cancer scanner and Sky Inside ceilings above, text in front saying 'New bunker has Living Skies to help during cancer treatment'

Thursday 12 November 2020

St Luke’s Cancer Center, part of Royal Surrey County Hosptial, has installed a set of Living Skies with its new ETHOS machine.

The machine, similar to a CT scanner, has recently been introduced in the centre’s radiotherapy department. It uses AI to enhance cancer treatment and optimise the delivery of radiotherapy.

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Along with the ETHOS machine, the centre installed three of our Living Sky screens to help make cancer treatments easier. The system displays therapeutic moving images – from starry night skies to blossoming trees – giving patients a welcome distraction when undergoing treatment.

The room has no windows, and staff are also feeling the benefits of the system. Calming scenes brighten the room, reduce feelings of stress and help staff feel a little bit more connected to the world outside.

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