New UK-sourced designs to improve wellbeing

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1 March 2021

Launch of UK-sourced images that are designed to improve wellbeing in healthcare

New in for 2021, we’re launching our latest range of Feature Ceiling designs. Enhancing the current Sky Inside UK offering, these new designs display crisper and even more realistic images of the natural world – and ones that provide real wellbeing benefits.

A selection of the 2021 collection includes static visuals of hot air balloons and different types of flowers and foliage. Below you can see examples of the following sizes: 2-panel 1200×600 and 4-panel 1200×1200.

2-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and sparse green leaves
2-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and bright pink and pale pink flowers

In line with our commitment to the environment, we have sourced these images much closer to home than before. We’re working with local artists and investing in partnerships within our communities. This is to better support our local economy and reduce travel emissions where possible. 

Foliage colours can match different seasons – such as golden-brown leaves for autumn or pale pink blossoms for spring. Different colours can evoke different emotions in people; for example, brighter greens stimulate the brain while soft whites encourage relaxation. Colourful hot air balloons can be exciting distractions for children in hospital environments.

Our Feature Ceilings are human-centric lighting solutions. They are designed around people’s needs and have a colour temperature of real daylight at 6,500K. Through the specific colours and lighting we use, these artificial skylights help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting physical and mental nourishment.

4-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and white flowers with green leaves on twigs
4-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and pink flowers on branches
4-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and lush green leaves on twigs
4-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and orange and red leaves

Through our work with leading research facilities, we’ve confirmed that the specific lighting balance created starts the production of melatonin, the hormone in the pineal gland. Melatonin is released and carried from the brain through the bloodstream to all areas of the body. It helps regulate the body’s circadian cycle, promote better sleep quality, and encourage the body to relax, easing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Staff at Royal Surrey County Hospital’s gynaecology unit (which features a Sky Inside Feature Ceiling) comment that the sky ceiling keeps patients calm and offers them something else to focus on in a very clinical room. A member of staff said: “It’s nice for the staff as well, because we work in an environment where there aren’t many windows, or there aren’t any windows at all, and so to come in and have a look at that when you don’t see daylight for about eight hours is lovely.”

See videos of what our clients have to say over on the testimonials page.

2-panel window with blue skies, white clouds and two multi-coloured hot air balloons

These are only a selection of the imagery and sizes that are available for static Feature Ceilings. Products are fully customisable, so let your imagination run free, and we’ll help you create the ideal bespoke product!

See our ceiling gallery of Living Skies and Feature Ceilings designs, or get in touch for more information.