Sky Inside UK

About our Living Skies™

Our luminous digital windows and ceilings display virtual moving images. These are authentic biophilic designs which reflect the natural cycle of the world outside. As a result, they produce the same effect as looking out of a window.

Placed on any wall, ceiling or surface in a room, our artificial windows generate profound benefits for the mind and body. We provide solutions for commercial, healthcare and residential clients.

What is biophilic design?

Do you feel content when walking through a leafy forest, laying on a sunny beach or peacefully looking at a starry night sky? This is because of our biophilic connection to nature.

According to biologist theory, biophilia is the intrinsic connection that we as humans have with the natural world and how it works. As the urban environment is rapidly growing around us, it’s so important that we stay connected.

Because of this, biophilic design aims to maintain the relationship between humans and nature to preserve our mental and physical wellbeing. 

We can reconnect you with nature

Our LED sky ceilings and windows  are created with biophilic design in mind. 

With a validated, full-spectrum daylight-balanced system, our Circadian Rhythm® products have the colour temperature of real daylight at 6,500K. They use the lowest power, but produce the maximum brightness.

Combined with the latest technological advances in digital imagery, these biophilic solutions recreate the experience of looking to the natural world outside.

We have worked with world-class research facilities when developing our products. These have confirmed that the specific lighting balance we create instantly starts the release of the hormone melatonin into the bloodstream.

This reduces stress and anxiety and therefore promotes a calm, relaxing and enjoyable environment.

About us

At Sky Inside UK Limited® we deliver standard and customised solutions with a second-to-none quality for a range of clients and businesses. We’re based in Bristol but work across the UK and beyond.

We promise to bring a creative and personalised approach to each client and brief. Our backlit fake windows and virtual skylights are tailor-made with unique designs. As a result, our projects exceed expectations whilst bringing a new energy into a former dull environment.

Above all, the company motto is always ‘yes’ – certainly when a client requests something out of the ordinary. Get in touch today.

Partner companies

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