February 2021 announcements

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18 February 2021

Arrowe Park Circadian Living Skies for HDU – contract award

Arrowe Park Hospital, part of the Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has awarded a contract for Living Skies with medically-validated Circadian programming. To be installed in the HDU, the systems will help patient recovery, reduce effects of delirium, and uplift staff morale and wellbeing within this busy unit at the hospital.

The six-unit system will have several pre-loaded seamless scenes. The content is controlled via a customised touch screen that also controls the circadian rhythms for patients. The system is totally autonomous once commissioned, seasonal and second-correct to the outside daily cycle.

This forward-thinking Trust has taken the opportunity to install the system during a shutdown refurbishment period of four months, starting in March this year.

Royal Berkshire Circadian Living Skies for ITU – contract award

The Royal Berkshire Hospital will be receiving a dual Circadian system in the ITU to aid patient recovery. It will monitor the effectiveness of the systems in the prospect of a wider rollout.

The system, along with scene adjustment, is controlled with bespoke digital equipment that provides 24/7 operation. It includes the ability to continue running even during generator testing.

The installation is due to commence on the 22nd of March this year, with commissioning on the 24th of March and instruction for staff taking place on the same day.

More to follow soon. If you have any questions, please get in touch.