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New for 2019

Monday 14 January 2019

The new year is in full swing and with it, we’re excited to share our business updates and successes.

From improving maternity wards to dancefloors, last year wasn’t a quiet one. And we’re always looking for ways to improve our products – in 2019 we’re making them better than ever before with new features and designs. Read on to see what’s happening, including details of new products and offers.


Childbirth can often be a scary and uncertain time for mothers, and we’re proud to be making a difference in maternity departments.

Our products interact with parts of the brain, helping to release endorphins, and reducing feelings of pain and stress. Our lighting systems emulate the day’s cycle outside and are also great distractions.

Artificial skylights in maternity wards

Installations in delivery rooms

Other recent healthcare installations we’ve achieved in the last three months include 23 in radiology and radiotherapy departments (six CT, seven linac, and ten MRI). See more about what we can provide for healthcare.

Bright and sunny images in ceiling above CT scanner

CT feature ceiling

Leisure and commercial

We deliver innovation for leisure services, such as Club 22 in Keynsham – the newly completed ceiling installation in the lounge has hugely enhanced the bar and dance area.

We’re also helping clients improve their working environments. New installations include at Dexter House, where we’ve individualised the office space with bespoke ceiling fittings.

Office room with fake window light

Room with no view

New products

We’ve recently launched our interactive floor systems – perfect for creating sensory experiences for a range of environments. Find out more about our floor systems.

Interactive floor products

Responsive fish pond

New window imagery designs

We’ve added a range of scenic sky ceiling designs to our healthcare and commercial collections – head to the gallery to see more.

Don't forget...

Our 2019 offer is well underway – clients with over 40 units installed have the chance to receive four free panels of our design. See more details about this offer.

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