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World-first lighting system installed to improve A&E experience

Night-day-night lighting system installed by Sky Inside UK for A&E

World-first lighting system installed to improve A&E experience

Thursday 14 February 2019

The Royal Free Hospital is the first to receive Sky Inside UK’s unique and bespoke Circadian Rhythm™ programme, combined with UK-designed images and manufactured lighting systems.

Produced and installed alongside Alpine Works, the system is now in patient examination and waiting areas in the London hospital’s A&E department. It will work towards reducing stress and anxiety which patients and visitors feel while visiting A&E.

The Bio Dynamic Systems™ used are the results of medical research and validation for improving patient outcomes.

The full-spectrum daylight-balanced LED technology has the colour temperature of real daylight. Combined with the latest advances in digital imagery, this specifically recreates the experience of looking at the actual world outside, from daytime to night.

The distracting images encourage the release of the hormone melatonin into the bloodstream. This, as a result, helps to promote a calm and relaxing environment.

The multi-phased installation required innovation for delivery as the department was still in operation. This consequently created a unique teamwork experience for all who were working on the exciting project. We are proud to have been involved and wish to congratulate all who participated.

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Sky Inside UK is now exporting to Australia as well as Europe.