Healing environment for NHS hospital

Blog banner with text 'healing environment for NHS hospital' with image of skylight in a Leeds hospital ward

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Last year we worked with Bridge Carr architects during their project at St James’ University Hospital, Leeds. The architectural practice was truly innovative in improving the patient experience in the hospital’s Lincoln Wing, where they transformed wards J44 and J45 into a more enjoyable, calming area with a less clinical atmosphere.

The project included a number of our soothing static feature skies, which lift dull spaces by emulating the sky outside.

In the words of Deborah Carr, Director and Architect at Bridger Carr Architects, “The true success of this scheme was the transformation of the patient accommodation into a light, therapeutic and healing environment. The inclusion of the Sky Inside LED ceiling lights was intrinsic to this, as they provided points throughout the circulation spaces where the outside world was brought inside, in areas where natural light was just not possible.

“The images were selected for their freshness and feeling of optimism. They interject areas of interest and light where corridors are unavoidably long or are an important way-finding place. The clarity of the images and the evenness of the LED backlight resulted in a very realistic effect which was well received and gave lots of joy to the patients, visitors and staff alike.”

We’re continuing to support the NHS during the pandemic, by safely supplying patient calming products, and screening and disinfection systems where possible. For more information, please get in touch.